Galvanic plating materials

All of our semi-finished products undergo galvanic plating processes to protect them from corrosion and oxidation and to improve their electrical conductivity characteristics, the main purpose of the test products.

Our galvanic plating department has electrolytic nickel, chemical nickel, gold and silver baths at its disposal:


Electrolytic nickel

It is used as a base, mainly because it adheres very well to the raw material, and then because its characteristics of hardness and chemical resistance, make it very suitable for the galvanic plating process.



Chemical nickel

It is used for its good hardness and chemical resistance. In fact, on plungers with an aggressive head this type of nickel plating is applied to obtain a better final result.




Ensures excellent electrical performance and prevents oxidation of treated components.




It is mainly used on springs and barrels for high current, since its main feature is to significantly improve the conductivity of the base material.


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