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Insertion/Extraction Tool

For a correct operation of the entire test system it is important to carry out an accurate receptacles and probes installation.

We have available inserters and extractors specifically designed for our product range in order to optimize installation times and quality.

Fixed insertion tool for receptacles

They allow the receptacles to be introduced at a fixed height, which can be down to the millimiter with the fixture or raised by a few millimetres. Each receptacle size always has its own insertion tool.

Adjustable insertion tool for receptacles

Allows you to insert the receptacles in the fixture at different heights, so you can change the final height of the Spring ProbeEach receptacle size always has its own connector.

Insertion tool for Spring Probe

There are special insertion tool for the Spring Probe to facilitate their entry into the receptacles, eliminating the risk of twisting or damaging them.
Special insertion tool are made for different types of Spring Probe.

Extraction tool for receptacles

Extracting a damaged receptacle from a fixture can be particularly difficult because of the small spaces, and can lead to damage to other receptacles. To meet this need, we produce special extraction tool that allow you to quickly and easily remove the receptacles from each model.


Download the technical data sheet in pdf format and consult the technical details of the product.

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Insertion/Extraction Tool

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