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Screw-in Probes

Widely used especially in the automotive sector and for testing connectors, Screw-in Probes have the particularity of having a threaded tube at one end. In addition, a square or hexagonal milling on the collar facilitates screwing into the receptacle.

All these conditions have been studied to allow the right housing even in particular working conditions and to avoid any displacement.

Technical data of the Screw-in Probes

Minimum recommended distance (step-grid)

The installation pitch of the Screw-in Probes ranges from 2.54mm to 5.08mm.


Nominal intensity

The nominal intensity carried by our Screw-in Probes ranges from 3A to 12A but can increase if necessary by agreeing on the technical characteristics with the customer.


Typical resistance

The typical resistance of Screw-in Probes ranges from 20 mΏ to 30 mΏ

Materials and electroplating of the Screw-in Probes

The high quality of the raw material we use to make all our products allows us, even in this case, to reach very high quality standards.
The materials and galvanic processes used for the Screw-in Probes are:

Materiale: ottone

For the barrel

Brass gold plated.

For the spring

Music wire  gold or silver plated or inox.


For the plunger

BeCu gold or nickel plated.


Receptacles for the Screw-in Probes are particular because they have a thread inside them that allows the probes to be fixed. The material used is brass which is then gilded.



to weld the wire directly in the receptacle

Head shape of the Screw-in Probes

Often when using Screw-in Probes in the automotive sector it is necessary to use pistons with collars.
We provide our customers with a wide range of shapes and collars, with multiple heights and diameters.

On request it is possible to make any type of milling, the most used are:


Download the technical data sheet in pdf format and consult the technical details of the product.

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Screw-in Probes

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