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Tecon was born and developed with the aim of producing Spring Contact Probe.
The technology and equipment that we have developed over the years to build all the components of the Spring Contact Probe, however, allow us to also produce many micromechanical parts.

The main areas of use for our parts are medical, high-precision machine development, aerospace, aesthetics and lighting.

We can carry out many processes, creating if required equipment and methods dedicated to the production of what is required.

We always start with a request from the customer that is then accepted, examined and if possible optimized to create an excellent product in synergy with the customer.

Working mainly with numerical control lathes, the processes we offer range from turningtransversal drillingtappingmilling to the creation of products with centesimal tolerances.

Being specialized in micromechanics, our machines have a 16mm bar passage limit.

Obviously, all the parts that we can produce, in small, medium or large scale, can be treated on the surface with all the  processes that we have, from simple cleaning and polishing to heat and galvanic plating treatment.

The research and development department is always operational and ready to welcome and satisfy the needs of our customer who needs high precision products with the most particular processing.

We are sure that we can offer an excellent service. We invite you to send us your requests so that we can develop a project and a personalized estimate.

  • Micro-Mechanical parts
  • Fixture accessories
  • Production of small/medium and large batches
  • Custom Projects and special tools for specific applications
  • Product development and assembly, according to project specifications


CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Lathes*

  • Turning
  • Transversal drilling
  • Threading
  • Milling
  • Production of components with centesimal tolerances

*passage bar limit 16 mm

Micromeccanica - Torni a controllo numerico



Superficial treatment: Vibration tumblers and ultra-sonic devices

  • to obtain shiny surfaces, compliant with requested porosity;
  • to guarantee the absense of production residues and optimize functioning.

Materials and Galvanic

The Galvanic department can apply several types of plating, according to the Industrial Electronic’s highest standards.
Different types of plating:

Electrolytic nickel

Ensures good deposit and it its often used as a base coating.


Applies a layer of 24kt gold to prevent from oxidation and and enhances conductivity


Ensures an extremely even and durable deposit


Often used to increase significantly electrical properties of components, since silver is an excellent conductor.

Berillyum Copper

Stainless Steel



Temperable steel

Plastic Materials

Special Alloys

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