Fields of application

The sectors in which Spring Probe are used are many and completely different from each other. Their peculiarity is the customization of each component of the item, based on the role that this will play in the testing process.

They are mainly used in three ways:

  • interconnection between DUT and electronics of the test machine;
  • interfaces;
  • Easily replaceable electrical connection.

By intervening on the customization of materials, dimensions, electrical and mechanical characteristics, we can produce Spring Probe for multiple areas of application where high quality standards of electrical devices are required.

We produce Spring Probe for a variety of sectors such as: industrial electronics, automotive, aerospace, communications, beauty and medical technology.

The possibility of achieving them with their own characteristics and distinct forms depends on the skills and research and development studies that we, at Tecon, constantly fortify, in order to meet the needs of adaptability and performance of each request.

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