Quality, type of workmanship and design

Three elements determine the proper functioning of a Spring Probe: quality, type of workmanship and design. We want to explain to you what are the technologies behind our products, that make them so special.

Production processes, consulting and machinery

Quality and flexibility at Tecon

Our company manufactures all products in-house, from the raw material to the finished product. This allows us to have complete control of every single piece and the absolute certainty of its perfection. Below you will find a quick overview of all the production processes, consulting and machinery that Tecon has available to meet the most diverse needs in the field of micromechanics. Starting with the electrical contacts (a sector in which we specialize), our company is able to respond to the production of elements for the most diverse needs and fields of application.

SGQ - UNI EN IS0 9001:2015

Quality Management System

A quality management system (QMS) is a collection of business processes focused on consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing their satisfaction by offering tailored solutions to meet and exceed their requirements.


Corporate Awareness

Promoting the involvement and participation of all personnel, encouraging communication with periodic self-assessment, group meetings, training and other activities focused on creating proactive relationships and positive working environment.


Continuous research to improve products and services

Promoting continuous quality improvement by monitoring activities and processes, encouraging communication and organizing periodic training to guarantee corporate standards. Our policy aims to analyse the production process, product development and implementing of non-conformities, customer care, etc.



We comply in full with all current laws and regulations in force.


Professional Training

All our Workers participate in training programs designed to increase their awareness and specific skills. We also encourage and support the provision of work experience opportunities to students, as part of training projects arranged with schools in compliance with current legislative requirements.


Effectiveness and efficiency

We aim to optimize production process and improve the efficiency and the performance.



We promote partnerships, collaboration with other companies that share the same values and code of conduct.

The achievement of these objectives is guaranteed through compliance with mandatory and voluntary requirements that the company has signed up to.
This policy will be the constant reference to monitor achievement of the various objectives during periodic assessments, to evaluate the results accomplished and to identify and implement the approach for a constant improvement.
TECON promotes the awareness of this policy among its employees, its suppliers and customers. This Policy is available on the company website in our dedicated QMS section.
All our personnel promote awareness about the contents of corporate policies.
TECON expects all personnel to comply in full with the Code of Conduct while pursuing corporate objectives and must always apply the principles described in this Code.