Head shape (tip) and pitch (grid) of spring contact probes


Tip (head shape)

Choosing the right Contact Probe head makes the difference between achieving a normal contact or an excellent electrical contact. We are capable of saying so because since 1986 our customers have taught us that research and individualization on each order is very important to get the best results. We are therefore sure that examining and solving any problem concerning the electrical contact in the ICT (In-Circuit Test) with the customer, is the best strategy to deal with any request.

You will find below the various heads of Contact Probe in the catalog:

01 Concave
02 Conic head 30°
03 Flat head
04 Dome head
05 Conical
06 Conic rounded head
07 SMD serrated 9 points
08 9 Point serrated
09 HSS spear
10 16 Points serrated
11 3 sided pyramid
12 HSS spear
13 6 fluted star
14 Dagger HSS
15 Pyramid
17 4 sided chisel
18 30° spear
20 Kaleidoscope
21 4 points crown
22 8 points crown
23 4 points with ring
24 4 points tapered crown
25 Tulip
26 5 points crown
27 SMD 4 points
28 HSS spear
30 3 points crown
32 Din Connector
33 Concave
38 Stop ring
39 Screw probe
40 Push-back

The following are some examples of our solutions to deal with the choice of head according to the situation:

  • to pierce a solder, especially on the motherboard or with specific oxidations, we recommend the use of a tip with an aggressive line such as head n° 02, n° 21 or n° 12.
  • on the other hand, if the customer needs not to leave any marks on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), then we recommend a less aggressive tip, for example n° 03, n° 01 or n° 04;
  • to test the holes, tips n° 13, 11 and 05 are ideal.

Pitch (grid)

In order to choose the right head of a Spring Probe, the pitch that determines the distance between one Probe and another in the formation of the final grid should be noted.

The most common pitches are those at 2.54mm and 1.27mm. In order to perform a good job, it is also necessary to remember to evaluate the diameter of the head in relation to the distance of the holes on the fixture.

We at Tecon are able to produce Spring Probes with a head diameter up to 0,2 mm.

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