Duration of spring contact probes


At Tecon, we promise our customers two things:

  • to always find a solution to the challenges associated with using the Spring Contact Probe;
  • to commit ourselves daily to increase the life cycle of our products.

Our efforts focus on the duration of the Spring Contact Probe, since the quality of your work depends on this feature.

The duration of the Spring Contact Probe is determined by the way in which it is built and the conditions in which it will work (high current, lateral forces, PCB automations).

What we do is;

  • intervene on the productive part, studying and developing every day methods that allow to increase the working cycles of our products;
  • scrupulously control the turning and finishing processes of semi-finished products;
  • ensure increasingly precise heat and galvanic plating treatments;
  • have the assembly carried out by specialised personnel;
  • carry out tests on our Spring Probes, measuring the variations in the spring force and the resistance of the Probe after thousands of strokes.

Our production system, now tested over many years of experience, guarantees high-performance products even in hostile working conditions.

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