Among the many solutions we have available, we choose each time together with our customers the best one for the specific case. In this case study we will talk about a particular project, related to the semiconductor industry and a semiconductor testing technology.


The context

On a global scale, semiconductor manufacturing is certainly one of the leading manufacturers of the most technologically advanced.
The necessity of this type of companies is to have suppliers extremely flexible, with short times of reaction and sure answers.


Tecon solution:

The characteristics and needs of the project were as follows:

  • Being part of the global technological development, the design part is perhaps the most important phase of the production process;

  • often the need is to have probes (and typically double plunger) that must be used as an interface and inserted into a system designed by the customer.

And this is what we proposed:

  • the first service we have developed is a real join venture that gives the customer the possibility to use the probe design service in conjunction with the relevant housing project.

  • This strategy has given an unexpected design and realization flexibility, giving the possibility to manage any critical issues directly in the design phase and to create probes that could be more easily managed in the production phase.


In conclusion:

The design line of Tecon, ensuring maximum confidentiality, and respect for the privacy of shared data, has managed to create a synergy with the design line of the customer, obtaining a fast, functional and free of unplanned inconveniences.

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