Our company is able to provide specialized solutions tailored to different sectors. In this case study we will talk about how we supplied a product that was inserted into a device for skin treatment of the body.


The context

This was the situation in which our intervention was required: the customer had developed his machine implementing all the electro-mechanical characteristics, however, experiencing major problems related to the connection system between the fixed part of the machine and its different tools. The need was to have a solid connection system and that allowed you to make several maneuvers a day. All this ensuring signal stability and the absence of wear, fundamental for the correct and long operation, and having to (the machine) interface with even unqualified personnel.
For all these reasons, the connection system had to be extremely functional and ergonomic.


Tecon’s solution:

As a first step we carried out an accurate analysis of the problems to be solved:

  • Reduced space and need for connection between two parts that must align;

  • presence of potential wear during the alignment of the two connectors to be aligned;

  • probable electrical wear of the connector;

  • guarantee of a stable and lasting contact even during the work of the same.

Based on the needs found, here is the solution that we proposed and then implemented, in agreement with the customer:

  • Creation of a fixed “male” part that will be installed on the machine respecting the required dimensions;

  • creation of a mobile part “female” with a dedicated insert to accept the diameter of the male connector.

In conclusion:

Thanks to the criticality analysis and the study done on the needs of the project, we provided a functional and robust solution, which has been integrated on the reference device and which guarantees all its functionality.

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