13 December 2022

SPEA tester: what is it and how does it work?

The SPEA Tester is our main tool that guarantees reliable and accurate reports on our probes.

Tester SPEA: cos’è e come funziona?

What is the SPEA Tester?

it is a refined technology that, through the highest standards of precision and reliability, makes it possible to test the main quality requirements of our products:

  • nominal contact resistance: through a dedicated and separate test station for each probe, which performs a measurement exploiting a milliohmmeter of extreme precision and compensating for the nominal resistance of the system;
  • spring strength: thanks to the extreme precision of the axis displacement, the SPEA tester can compress the spring on a load cell at the exact working stroke and with a measurement accuracy of – 1 gram.

How does it work?

The SPEA tester allows us to measure, simultaneously, strength and spring strength of six probes.

The tester can be programmed by defining:

  • the reference working stroke for measuring spring force,
  • the number of total stops to be made,
  • how many bars to measure,
  • on which area to work,
  • the maneuvering speed during stress.

What is the final report?

At the end of the set cycle, the tester provides a report that shows in graphical format all the detected performances.

What are the advantages of using the SPEA tester?

The use of this high-tech tester allows us to operate in two stages:

  • at the design level, allows us to verify if the required and estimated performance are then confirmed by the product;
  • at the operational level, it allows us to check on sample on the different production batches the exact compliance of the product with standards.


In short, this technology allows us to maintain the highest quality standards of all our products.
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