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Our company manufactures all products in-house, from the raw material to the finished product. This allows us to have complete control of every single piece and the absolute certainty of its perfection. Below you will find a quick overview of all the production processes, consulting and machinery that Tecon has available to meet the most diverse needs in the field of micromechanics. Starting with the electrical contacts (a sector in which we specialize), our company is able to respond to the production of elements for the most diverse needs and fields of application.

Technical office

At the base of all the successful things there is a part, almost impalpable but fundamental, which is that of planning.

Planning is the passion of the staff of our technical department that every day faces the challenges that customers present. With great ingenuity and attention to detail, the people in charge of this division are prepared and determined to achieve the goal and satisfy every request.

We are producers. We are equipped with in-depth tools and knowledge to examine all the problems that arise during the study, development, production and test phases of a standard or  non-standard Spring Contact Probe.

Assistance and consulting

Since 1986 we have been in the industry and since then we have been leading the customer in choosing the right product, because in all these years of experience we have developed skills and abilities to quickly recognize the functional and technical needs of each request.

The curiosity, passion and excellent results that we collect daily are the motivation that drive us to work with dedication and creative spirit to develop and create all kinds of Spring Contact Probe useful to our customer.

Our assistance and consultancy service makes us proud because our customers attest to its high quality standards.


Our turning department is a perfect machine for the production of Spring Contact Probe as we have traditional cam-type lathes, state-of-the-art CNC lathes, machining centers and above all the expertise and experience of our staff.

Every single project that leaves the technical office has been studied at length to identify the tolerances and the best couplings between the components, so in the lathe the raw material begins to take shape quickly and safely.

The quality of our semi-finished products is confirmed by the experience of our employees, who are able to implement Spring Contact Probe even in a small scale.

Surface treatment

All the semi-finished products that are manufactured in the turning department pass to the division dedicated to washing. There all the single pieces are treated with vibration tumblers and in ultrasonic devices in order to make the surfaces shiny and brilliant, as well as to ensure the absence of production remnants to facilitate the perfect assembly and proper functioning of our products.

In this phase our attention is focused on the execution of the best possible surface treatment, since the careful cleaning of the surface will affect the galvanic plating phase that will take place later. In fact, the better the finish you get in this process, the better the final result will be.

In addition, the perfect polishing of the surfaces optimizes the operation of the Spring Contact Probe.


Our department has special machines that allow you to perform micro-milling on semi-finished products by establishing the shape of the head of our plungers.

As an internal company choice, thanks to the experience gained over the years, we carry out this "recovery" process, i.e. we include it in the production process as a processing phase itself, in order to have the certainty that every single piece responds to the design characteristics. In fact, in this division there are also highly qualified personnel, whose task is to check the measurements, verify the correctness of the milling angles and ensure that the finishes carried out respect the characteristics of the order.

Heat treatments

The materials we use for the production of our articles are represented by special alloys such as copper-beryllium and hardening steel, which require specific heat treatments to achieve the characteristics required by the testing machines.

The dedicated department in our plant has various types of furnaces capable of reaching high temperatures, which combined with the right time, ensure that the materials of the Spring Contact Probe acquire the technical characteristics of hardness and service life required to us.

Even in this phase we do not forget the final goal of our work: to give the customer a quality product, which responds in a high-performance way to the tests and especially lasts over time.

Galvanic plating

One of the most important and delicate departments of the production process for the creation of Spring Contact Probe is the galvanic plating division.

By means of specific chemical and electrolytic processes, we apply electrolytic nickel, chemical nickel, gold and silver to the individual components of a Spring Contact Probe.

There experience is combined with experimentation, creating a fundamental bond to determine the balanced deposit of the thicknesses required by the project.

To ensure that the semi-finished product is ready for assembly, also in this phase a control is carried out by qualified personnel, who have the task of scrupulously checking the finish under the microscope and by means of an X-ray instrument, to verify the deposit thicknesses.


The assembly of our Spring Contact Probe is done exclusively by hand, by experienced and highly specialized personnel. It is in fact able to easily recognize the level of perfection of the article and to intervene in the possible customization of Spring Contact Probes that require closures or strokes different from the standard.

This choice stems from the shared desire of the entire Tecon team to proudly obtain a high quality product, because a job well done entails high personal satisfaction and very competitive levels of professional achievement.

Quality control

Every action before this is monitored by the ever-present human aspect. Nevertheless, we also invest in qualified personnel for this last process. In fact, we have two laboratories able to carry out all kinds of checks and tests on the Spring Contact Probe we produce. We check the hardness, finish, precision, tolerance and durability of all items that leave our factory.

We are convinced that the human component, present in every production step, is decisive for preventing and solving any inconvenience in real time. The achievements of our customers confirm this and encourage us to commit ourselves day after day and to pass on this vision to future generations.

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