Quality and flexibility

All items are made entirely in-company, going from the raw materials to the finished product. This gives us complete control over the production of each and every item, absolutely ensuring their perfection. Here below you will find a quick overview of all manufacturing processes and machinery Tecon uses to fulfill the most diverse requirements in the field of micromechanics. While it is specialized in electrical contacts, Tecon answers to all different kinds of product manufacturing needs across many fields of application.


Tecon’s turning floor has traditional lathes that employ cams, CNC lathes and machining centers so that we always meet our customers’ needs.

Heat treatments

We have several high temperature ovens to temper the steel and special alloys we use.

Surface treatments

Our products undergo special treatment using vibrating sifters to deburr and polish them. We use high quality abrasives to guarantee a good finish.


An entire floor for galvanization handles  many treatments, among which are: nickel electroplating, electroless nickel, and gold and silver plating.


One floor of our company is  equipped with special machines for the micromachining of the heads of the electrical contact.


Assembly of our products is done exclusively by hand so that the quality of every single item is entirely under our control.

Quality Control

We have two different laboratories for product inspection where we perform all types of tests requested by our customers and the relative commissioning.

X-ray Test

An X-ray gauge is used to measure the final produced thickness of different items.