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Interface Contacts are used to transmit power signals or data signals and are used to quickly and easily connect fixtures to the electronics of the test machine. Combining rigid contacts and spring contacts mounted on interface blocks facilitates connection and separation of fixtures.

Technical data of spring-loaded interface contacts

Recommended minimum distance (grid-pitch)

The standard installation pitch for Spring-loaded Interface Contacts is 2.54 mm.

Current rating

The current rating of the spring-loaded Interface Contacts is 3 A.

Typical resistance

The typical resistance of a spring-loaded Interface Contact is 50 mΏ.

Materials and plating of spring-loaded contact interfaces

The materials used for the production of this type of Interface Contact are:

  • for the barrel: bronze, brass or nickel silver. In any case, the galvanic plating treatment is in gold;
  • for the spring: music wire then gold plating;
  • for the plunger: BeCu (toughenable steel is usually not used because there is no need for a particularly hard material), then gold or nickel-plating.

Receptacle of spring-loaded contact interfaces

For this type of contact the receptacle can be of various types:


to weld the wire directly in the receptacle


for crimping the wire inside the receptacle


to wrap the wire around the square end of the receptacle

Round Post

to insert the termination of the receptacle in a special place

Technical data of rigid interface contacts 

Recommended minimum distance (grid-pitch)

The standard installation pitch for rigid contact interfaces is 2.54 mm.

Current rating

Depending on the design and materials used, the current rating capacity of our contacts ranges from 10 to 20 A.

Materials and plating of rigid contact interfaces

The materials used for the production of rigid contact interfaces are brass or bronze, which are gold-plated to ensure excellent electrical conductivity and good protection from oxidation.  

Types of rigid contact interfaces

The types of Rigid Contact Interfaces are many and usually customizable. Among the most common we have:


with Wire-Wrap termination 0.64 allow you to wrap the wire directly on the bead of the duct


to solder the wire to the end. These have a larger diameter than Wire-Wrap and as a result are often used to transmit power signals

With harpoon

They have a harpoon on the body that allows for the fixing in the holes dedicated to them

With knurling

used to create interference in the holes of the contact block and allow for the attachment of the Interface Contact.

Head shape of contact probe interfaces

For the proper fit between the spring-loaded Interface Contact blocks and rigid Interface Contact blocks, the heads of each block are designed to meet;

  • Rigid Interface Contacts can have a hole, a countersink or a flat head;
  • Spring contact interfaces usually have one of these heads: 
02 Conic head 30°
04 Dome head
06 Conic rounded head
11 3 sided pyramid
13 6 fluted star

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