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The ICT (In-Circuit Test) and the FCT (Functional Circuit Test) allow to detect the main faults that can be found in a PCB (Printed Circuit Board), such as short circuit sor an incorrect component, and to measure the values of resistance and capacity.

Thanks to the Spring Contact Probe, which connects the DUT (Device Under Test) with the electronics of the test machine, you can solve frequent problems with ease and speed.

Dimensions, head shape, spring load, construction materials and galvanic finish are the characteristics that make Spring Contact Probe suitable for the various types of surfaces.

Technical data of spring contact probes for ICT and FCT

Recommended minimum distance (grid-pitch)

Our standard range of Spring Contact Probe for ICT/FCT can be used within various installation distances ranging from 1.27 mm to 4.75 mm.

  • GLP0 - GLP20: 1.27 mm
  • GLP1: 1.91 mm
  • GLP2 - GLP25: 2.54 mm
  • GLP3: 3.18 mm
  • GLP4 - GLP5: 4.75 mm

Current rating

The standard current of Tecon Spring Contact Probe ranges from 2 to 10 A, depending on the type of material used and the technical specifications adopted in their making.

To meet the need to test with higher currents, there are High Current Probes.

Typical contact resistance

Depending on the various types of Spring Contact Probe, their typical contact resistance ranges from 14 mΏ to 50 mΏ.

Materials and plating of spring contact probes for ICT and FCT

The Spring Contact Probe for ICT/FCT consists of a barrel, spring and plunger.

The barrel can be made in:


material with good hardness and workability characteristics


material with excellent electrical conductivity and workability, but not as hard as bronze

Nickel silver

This alloy is widely used for its workability with punching techniques and for its good electrical characteristics.

Subsequently, all barrels are gold or silver plated through a galvanic process.

The spring is made of music wireel and is also gold plated to improve its electrical conductivity. Its load capacity ranges from 100 to 400 gr on standard contacts, but it can decrease or increase depending on the customer's needs.

The plunger can be built in:




The galvanic plating process can be carried out in gold, silver or nickel, and it need to be carried out with the maximum precision, because it will make it possible to improve the durability, conductivity and resistance of the plunger.


For the standard dimensions of our Spring Contact Probe the receptacle can be of various types:


to weld the wire directly in the receptacle


for crimping the wire inside the receptacle


to wrap the wire around the square end of the receptacle

Round Post

to insert the end of the receptacle in a special place

As for the height of the swelling on the receptacle that determines the height of installation, we are at our customers’ disposal to understand their needs and requirements, since all our products can be customized and made specifically for personal projects.

In addition, the retaining imprints on the receptacle wall can also be customised, allowing the Spring Contact Probe to be firmly inserted into the receptacle.

Head shape of spring contact probes for ICT and FCT

There are many standard Spring Contact Probe head shapes to meet all our customers’ needs, only in some cases they depend on the diameter of the head itself.

Here are the standard types of heads we make:

01 Concave
02 Conic head 30°
03 Flat head
04 Dome head
05 Conical
06 Conic rounded head
07 SMD serrated 9 points
08 9 Point serrated
09 HSS spear
10 16 Points serrated
11 3 sided pyramid
12 HSS spear
13 6 fluted star
14 Dagger HSS
15 Pyramid
17 4 sided chisel
18 30° spear
20 Kaleidoscope
21 4 points crown
22 8 points crown
23 4 points with ring
24 4 points tapered crown
25 Tulip
26 5 points crown
27 SMD 4 points
28 HSS spear
30 3 points crown
32 Din Connector
33 Concave
38 Stop ring
39 Screw probe
40 Push-back

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