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Mainly used to detect the presence of components, the Swich Contact Probe, after a certain travel, turn off the contact inside them.
Usually they are threaded, to guarantee the fixing to the receptacle dedicated to them. At the same time, the head shape, total length and diameters of our Probe Switches are variable to facilitate their use in different applications.

Technical data of Switch Contact Probes

Recommended minimum distance (grid-pitch)

The pitch of installation of our Probe Switches depends on your specific needs.

Current rating

Using Switch Probe does not entail very high currents, which is why our Switch Probe can work with currents up to 3 A. The current in the small internal contact must not exceed 1 A.

For special requirements we are able to increase the working current, we are open to any request.

Typical contact resistance

The typical contact resistance of our Standard Switch Probes is 50 mΏ.

Materials and plating of Switch contact probes

The materials used for the construction of our Switch probes are different for each component:

  • the barrel is made of bronze or brass. Subsequently gold plated during the galvanic plating phase;
  • The spring is made of gold plated or silver plated Music wire, with a load from 200 to 350g;
  • The plunger can be made of BeCu or tempered steel, then gold or nickel plated.


We have two types of Switch Probe to which correspond respective receptacles produced in gold plated brass to improve conductivity and decrease resistance:

  • Threaded Switch Probe: has the receptacle threaded internally that allows the bead of the Switch Probe to come out. Installation is carried out by welding one wire to the receptacle body and one wire to the Switch Probe bead;
  • Non-threaded Switch Probe: it is installed on special receptacles with retaining marks that will prevent it from coming out. Also in this case the installation is carried out by welding a wire on the body of the receptacle and one on the bead of the Switch Probe.

Head shape of Switch Contact probes

The most commonly used head types for Switch Probe are:

01 Concave
03 Flat head
08 9 Point serrated
39 Screw probe

A special feature is the 3P isolated head that can be useful in particular applications where the head must be isolated from the component it meets.

Other types of heads are available on request.

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