Battery Probe

Battery Probe

Battery Probes, also called Short Travel Probes, are used as battery chargers, in the lighting industry, in the medical sector and in all those sectors where there is a very small and limited space for the application.

The competitive advantage of Tecon is that we can follow the production cycle of the Spring Contact Probe from beginning to end, thus having the ability to customize every aspect of the construction of our Battery Probe and to ensure the perfect functioning of each product thanks to the attention and precision that we devote to each phase.

Technical data of battery probes

Current rating

The range of Battery Probes we produce works with a current ranging from 3A to 10A, as we have a wide range of products for various sectors.

Typical contact resistance

Dimensions, manufacturing characteristics, materials and galvanic treatments define the resistance of our Battery Probe which does not exceed 50 mΏ.

Materials and Finish of battery probes

The materials used to make our Battery Probe are:

  • Brass gold plated for the barrel;
  • Music wire, gold plated for the spring. Load may range from 30 to 500g;
  • BeCu, bronze or brass, gold plated for the plunger.

Type of battery probe

The Battery Probe or Short Travel Probe can be divided into two types:

Battery Probe with receptacle

behaving like a normal Spring Contact Probe, it is installed inside a special receptacle, which in turn is mounted on a board. The advantage of using this type of Battery Probe is that it can be used once the work cycles have been completed. In fact, its replacement is quick and easy.

Battery Probe to be Soldered

This type of Battery Probe is recommended in all cases where space is very limited or there is no possibility or need to use a receptacle; the Battery Probes are welded directly on the board on which they must work.

We would like to emphasize that we, at Tecon, are very careful to manufacture Battery Probes making sure that the soldering iron can not enter the barrel by capillarity.

Shape of the head of a battery probe

The most common types of heads for Battery Probe are number 03, 04, 06, 08. nevertheless our micro-milling department is always ready to produce any type of finish requested by the customer.

03 Flat Head
04 Dome Head
06 Conic rounded head
08 9 Points serrated

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