Current rating capacity of our spring contact probes

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When we refer to industrial electricity in everyday life, we often think of very high current intensities. Although our work is closely related to industrial work, high current does not have the same meaning for everyone and therefore "depends on the point of view".

In fact, in the field of electrical testing, we usually speak of currents that do not exceed 2-3 A;

In addition, the current supported by a Spring Contact Probe is always to be considered during an electrical test, so for just a few seconds of work.

Our product range has a current rating capacity of 2-3A.
The Spring Contact Probe GLP3HC/GLP4HC/GLP5HC series has a current rating capacity of 5A to 30A.

We are able to obtain this result thanks to the particular construction characteristics of the Probe, such as the silver-plated spring and barrel, which allow for a great reduction in their resistance and guarantee excellent tests both in the ICT (In-Circuit Test) and FCT (Functional Circuit Test) phases.

If the customer needs to perform functional tests for a few minutes, Tecon is able to provide assistance in selecting the most suitable product.

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